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A brief rundown on RCD Testing & its importance in all industries

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10:00 AM

Depending upon what type of industry you are involved in, there are important safety devices and protocols that must be followed to prevent injuries, even prevent death.

Many industries use heavy equipment, circuits with large amounts of power, or other apparatus that can be quite hazardous. Each device that is used must go through a strict procedure for installation and use to make sure that there is virtually no risk of injury.

Testing is also often part of the protocol, and this is where an RCD comes into play.


What Is RCD Testing?

RCD stands for residual current device and is an appliance that helps to prevent workers from being electrocuted. In this way, it is a lifesaving device.

The RCD testing device is able to detect ground fault current. Should it detect that there is an issue with the RCD device, it is able to disconnect the power supply immediately, preventing serious injury, even death.

This device is used in a multitude of settings, including both residential and commercial. To ensure that it is working at peak efficiency, it is required to be tested according to national standards. It is required that this test of the equipment is performed by a professional electrician using a specialized piece of equipment.


How Does the RCD Work?

To use the RCD, there are two simple procedures that are followed. The first is to use the RCD test button. When clicking this, it will automatically shut off the power for a brief time for you to ensure that the device work properly. This is often used to reset the RCD as well.

Normally, the RCD is part of the circuit. It is constantly monitoring the flow of current across a given circuit. If the RCD device detects a fluctuation in the current flow which poses a danger to the equipment or individuals using the equipment, it will automatically open the circuit, shutting down the electrical current.

This is an essential piece of equipment that has found its way into many residential homes and buildings as well. Excessive amounts of current not only pose a risk to appliances and the structure itself, but can cause serious injury, fire, or death. Therefore, it has become more of a standard to see this testing device included in many residential structures as well.

The testing device ensures that the RCD is functioning properly. Many issues may arise that could cause the device to not function as required. This can include such things as fatigue, old age, incorrect installation, faulty wiring, or moisture. By using the testing device, one is able to determine if there is any sort of issue that requires that the RCD is replaced.

What needs to be understood is that all equipment needs to be tested properly, even devices that are put in place to ensure that the optimal level of security is maintained. The RCD testing device is one such example of a piece of equipment that is essential for many electricians to use to detect the safety and efficiency of the RCD. If you have concerns about your equipment, it may be time to have an electrician come to your home or business to test and make sure that your RCD is working properly.