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In a Factory Environment Faulty Machinery Must be Repaired or Replaced ASAP

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12:41 PM

Working at a factory is full of risks and dangers. Workers who operate large equipment and machinery are always at a risk of getting hurt or injured. The chances of workers’ safety getting jeopardized are even higher if the machinery is faulty. For example, if the emergency shut-off valve doesn’t work in case of an emergency where the machine needs to be stopped immediately, it can lead to severe consequences for the workers.

It’s critically important to repair or replace faulty factory equipment and machinery without delays. While worker safety is the primary concern, faulty machinery can do a lot more than just putting worker safety at risk.

Let’s look at why you shouldn’t delay getting faulty factory equipment repaired or replaced.


Prevent Accidents

A good number of accidents at a factory are because of faulty equipment and machinery. If the factory equipment and machinery aren’t repaired and maintained routinely, the minor faults may go unnoticed and only come to light when the equipment fails. Equipment failure at a factory stands on the top of the list when it comes to what causes most accidents at factories across various industries.

However, the risk of accidents is greatly reduced when the equipment is maintained and repaired. Regular maintenance will highlight even the smallest faults that can be fixed in time. If the fault is beyond repair, the equipment can be replaced before it can have serious consequences.


Reduce Downtime

If the factory machinery isn’t repaired or replaced in time, there will come a point when the machine stops working altogether. There will be downtime during which the machine will be inoperable, which means a loss for the business. The extent of loss depends on how long it takes for the machine to be fixed.

For example, if a machine produces 1000 units of a particular product per hour, and the machine fails and isn’t fixed for 3 to hours, it means the business will be short by 3000 to 4000 products for the day.

However, if the machine is inspected, maintained, and repaired before the fault worsens enough to result in a breakdown, the chances of machine breakdown and downtime will be reduced, and so will the business’s loss.


Increases Machine Lifespan

Factory machinery undergoes extensive wear and tear and is bound to get damaged. Regular inspections and repairs will ensure that all the machine’s components are in perfect working order. Regular repair work means no fault or damage will worsen enough to result in equipment failure. As a result, the equipment will last much longer.


Enhanced Efficiency

Minor fluctuation in the machine efficiency may go unnoticed. It’s only when the efficiency drops significantly that it comes to notice that there’s something wrong with the machine. When you get the factory machinery inspected, repaired, and replaced when needed, the machine will continue to work at its full efficiency all the time.

At Total Control Electrical, we offer the highest quality maintenance and repair service for all kinds of factory machinery to ensure your machines don’t break down at the most crucial time. Get in touch today and schedule your factory machinery inspection right away!