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How often should I get electrical safety tests done in my factory?

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10:31 AM

If you own or operate a factory, you are well aware that there is a great deal of regulation regarding the safety of operations. Because of the large number of employees at many factories and the potential for injury or even death, there are many government agencies at both the local, state, and federal level that govern safety standards for factory operations.

As a person operating or owning such a business, you also want to ensure for the safety of your employees. You do not want to see any employee hurt and you want to see your operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, you want to take every safety precaution necessary.

One of the biggest concerns is related to electrical safety. Depending upon the type of factory, there is a large amount of electricity that is used, with heavy equipment and machinery needed to operate the factory. This poses a risk as well. It also requires electrical safety tests to be done a regular basis. This may make you wonder how often you need to do electrical safety tests on your equipment in your factory?


Types of Tests

Before specifically addressing the time period, it is important to understand that there are two types of tests that need to be run. The first of these is a routine check, which is done annually on all commercial, industrial, laboratory, office, and other types of businesses.

You may find that in some types of businesses these routine checks are done on a more frequent basis. Hospitals, for example have electrical safety tests performed at least once every six months. This is with obvious reason, as there is a significant amount of concern related to a potential hazard at a hospital.

However, for your factory, you are likely to find that the routine check is to be performed once a year. There is a little leeway related to this. If you are at 13 months, that is acceptable. However, when never wants to press their lock. The last thing you want is for a government agency to be greater scrutinizing your factory.


Not all testing is the same

For more extensive types of testing, the period of time between these inspections can last from one year all the way up to five years. At many commercial and industrial locations, the deeper inspection is to prove performed every three years. This is to ensure that all forms of equipment are running efficiently and that there is no potential electrical hazard at the factory.

However, one should never go to an article and expect an answer that is correct for every circumstance. While the goal here is to present you with the most accurate information possible, you also need to understand that your state or local government may require more frequent inspections or have more stringent guidelines related to those inspections.

What this tells you is that you need to do a thorough amount of research on exactly what the expectations are for your local and state entities. The likelihood is that you have already done this type of research. You are not going to open a factory without knowing all the requirements. So, if you have not done this already, it is time to do a little checking.