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Regular Conveyor System Maintenance is a Must

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18:53 PM

A conveyor system is an essential piece of equipment for any industry regardless of the scale of operations. Whether it’s a simple conveyor belt in a bakery or a full-fledged conveyor system of a large manufacturing unit, a conveyor is exposed to extensive wear and tear due to the nature of its work.

Regular conveyor system maintenance is extremely important to ensure no unprecedented breakdown episodes and unwanted delays in production. If your conveyor system breaks down, it can lead to a delay of several days (maybe even weeks) and a loss of millions of dollars.

Below are some of the major reasons why regular conveyor system maintenance is a must.

Prolongs the Lifespan of the System

Like everything else, a conveyor system has a lifespan beyond which it’ll stop working efficiently, and the chances that it’ll break down more frequently are higher. Regular conveyor system maintenance ensures that the conveyor system is in top shape at all times. Regular maintenance will enable you to address any minor issues before they exacerbate, and therefore, your conveyor system will last beyond its lifespan.

Reduces Wear and Tear

Regular maintenance of the conveyor system reduces wear and tear. All parts of the conveyor system are lubricated and cleaned during maintenance that reduces friction. The lower the friction between the conveyor belt parts, the lower the wear and tear, and the longer the system will continue to function efficiently.

Saves Money

While hiring a professional for the maintenance of your conveyor system may seem like an added expense, it actually helps you save money. Like we mentioned above, regular conveyor system maintenance brings minor issues to light. You can get these issues fixed before they worsen. It won’t cost you as much to get minor repairs done as compared to addressing any exacerbated problem. This way, regular maintenance of the conveyor system can actually help you save money that would otherwise go in getting major repair work done.

Prevents Losses to the Company

Regular maintenance of the conveyor system can help prevent major losses to your business. Regular maintenance cuts down the chances of the conveyor system breaking down during the process. Every hour is critical for a manufacturing unit. If the conveyor belt stops working, it can halt production, leading to major financial losses for the company. Therefore, you must get your conveyor system regularly inspected so that you don’t have to bear any losses.

Safety of Employees

Regular maintenance of the conveyor system is critical for the safety of employees. Well-maintained conveyor belts produce less dust while it’s operational. Poorly maintained conveyor belt means more dust and hence, less visibility for the employers, and that could lead to serious accidents.

Maintenance of the conveyor system may not seem like an important thing, but trust us – it’s extremely critical, not just for ensuring a smooth process but also for employee safety. It may feel like a burden to spend money on maintenance of the conveyor system, but if you look at what can happen if you don’t get it done regularly, you’ll understand how minimal of the cost it is.

If you want to get the maintenance work done for your conveyor system by the best professionals, Total Control Electrical is your place to be.